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Safety Day

Via Pribina Expressway organizes Safety Day Campaign to Promote Safe Driving Practices

Tekovske Nemce, Slovakia – On April 5th, 2023, Via Pribina Expressway will host its annual Safety Day campaign aimed at promoting safe driving practices and reducing the number of accidents on the roads. The event will take place at the service area Tekovské Nemce in the direction of Banská Bystrica and is open to all road users.

The event is organized by Via Pribina and Via Pribina Operations in cooperation with BECEP, road safety section of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak republic.

This year’s Safety Day event will feature interactive stands where visitors can learn about various aspects of road safety from experts in the field. These include rescue services, first aid with Red Cross,  Bona Via fund and the „men in yellow“ from Via Pribina road patrol who will showcase their work. Local schools are also invited to attend and learn useful skills to stay safe on the road while cycling or using a scooter or a skateboard. 

Quentin Duchâteau, Deputy CEO of Via Pribina declared: „We are excited to host this year’s Safety Day event and to offer visitors the opportunity to interact with experts and learn about the latest safety technologies and practices. We believe that by promoting safe driving practices, we can all work together to reduce accidents and make our roads safer for everyone.“

In addition to the informative stands, visitors can also enjoy refreshments while learning useful tips for safe driving including tips for prevention of microsleep. The event promises to be a fun and informative stop for all road users.

Via Pribina and Via Pribina Operations are committed to raising awareness about the importance of safe driving and encouraging drivers to follow the rules of the road. By promoting safe driving practices and encouraging positive mobility, we can all work together to reduce accidents and make our roads safer for everyone.

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