Dual-site service areas at Via Pribina

  • Pohranice, km 53  (EV charging available)
  • Tekovské Nemce, km 84

Take a break. Recharge not only fuel but also energy, in both directions, at the Pohranice and Tekovské Nemce rest areas.

Pohranice rest areas provide large-capacity parking lots for trucks and caravans, electric charging stations and it is possible to add CNG and LPG. Showers are available for drivers.

Modern resting places Tekovské Nemce offer a high standard of service and pleasant relaxation for drivers and passengers, children, but also four-legged pets.

Large green areas dominate both service areas and are suitable for walking dogs, while children’s playgrounds offer a wide range of climbing frames. Adults can stretch their muscles on fitness equipment.

  • The area is decorated with several info-panels, which inform about our bee project  and local biodiversity.
  • Bee hotels are also located here
  • Large parking areas offer plenty of space for cars and trucks.
  • A pleasant environment with a view of meadows and forests is complemented by ornamental trees such as lindens, cherries, maples and oaks.
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