Environment and the surroundings of our project

Roads are one of the elements that are highly beneficial in terms of functionality, but also present on of the greatest challenges to the natural environment. Despite all the benefits there is an undeniable effect on the landscape and their inhabitants. We are aware of the fact and try to do everything in our capacity to minimize the impact of our project road.  Via Pribina expressways was not built in any of the protected areas and does not pass through Natura 2000 sites (a system of protected areas of European importance).

Nearest protected area is the protected bird area Tríbeč, the area of European importance Dvorčiansky les and Zoborské vrchy.

The surroundings of the projects road are characterized by great species diversity. Approximately 6,000 species of animals and 1,200 species of vascular plants live here. The road is lined with tens of thousands of newly planted shrubs and trees, which form a green natural barrier.

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Via Pribina is devoted to being a sustainable expressway
Buying electricity from renewable sources
whole project and any future construction 100%
Part of producer responsibility program
all waste of the concessionaire recycled 100%
Wild Medows
16 000 m2 of green spaces recultivated
over 60 hives supported by Via Pribina
Info panels on biodiversity
on all rest stops to highlight the surrounding nature
LEDs on the whole project
and any future construction
The road is not a trash can

Although it is hardly seen when passing by, the disposal of trash while driving is still a common behaviour for some drivers.

In cooperation with the NGO Všestranko, we supported their campaign “forest is not a dump. For our rest areas we used “Road is not a dump”.

The boards mounted on the rest areas contain several frequently thrown away objects, such as chewing gum or beverage cans. The information boards describe how long these objects decompose in nature.

Did you know that diapers decompose for up to 250 years in nature?

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment.

Strategic noise map and noise protection action plan

The traffic intensity in 2016 was higher than 3 mil. vehicles per year, in several sections of the R1 in the report of Via Pribina, a.s.. This is much higher than the projected traffic intensity during the planning phase.

Based on the above fact, our company, in accordance with the obligations set out in the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 2/2005 Coll. (as amended) and related legislation for major road managers, prepared a „Strategic Noise Map“ and “Noise Protection Action Plans” for the state of transport in 2016.

Both documents can be found at (in Slovak) http://www.hlukovamapa.sk/granvia_2016.html

You can send any comments on the „Draft Noise Action Plan“ in writing to:

Via Pribina, a.s.
Ing. Miloslav Spišák
Suché Mýto 1
811 03 Bratislava
Comments and suggestions were sent by June 16, 2019.

Waste management

Our Administration and Maintenance Center at Nitra -Selenec was built to suit energy-saving solutions. When choosing vehicles, electronics, office equipment, but also separating materials, we consider environmental friendliness to be an important criterion.

At the Center, but also at the rest areas of Tekovské Nemce, we have built a system of waste management, which is re-evaluated yearly. We handle hazardous substances with care to prevent them from escaping into the soil or water.

We inovate to create a more sustainable bussiness at Via Pribina

Driving at the Via Pribina expressway should also be an aesthetic experience. The road partially copies the slightly undulating profile of the landscape, but in some sections, it stands on bridge piers above the landscape. There are 53 bridges on a 46 km route with a total length of 6,669 m. The longest bridge (above Priemyselná Street in Nitra) measures almost 1,200 m. Few other bridges at the expressway are several hundred meters long. The wildlife can freely migrate under most of these bridges. The route is lined by a fence to prevent animals from colliding with vehicles.

We place special emphasis on the protection of water resources. A sewer system is built into the body of the road and several dozen oil separators (ENT) are strategically placed along the road. Rainwater from the road flows through the drainage system into the ENT, where impurities are captured and stored. We provide professional disposal of oil substances and ENT cleaning.

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