Safety is our top priority for both employees and all users of the expressway. Since 2011, we create campaigns to reduce road accidents.

Safety Days are organized at our rest areas or the city of Nitra. Long-term campaigns for schools are focused on these topics:

  • Microsleep prevention
  • First aid rules
  • Proper driving in winter
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Importance of seat belts and child seats
  • Zero alcohol tolerance
  • Two-second rule
  • Safe driving in fog


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Quick tips before your trip

It is our duty to do everything in our power, to make the Via Pribina expressway in best possible condition, with road safety being the top priority

There are still many situations that only the individual drivers can affects. Here are some safety tips to get home safely during any weather:

Before the travel:

  • Check the weather forecast
  • Have the first aid kit always in your car
  • Consider changing the travel date if you don’t feel well
  • Are you able to drive in the current weather?
  • Is your car technically sound to make the trip?

On the road:

  • Be careful, the weather can change quickly
  • Check for exchangeable traffic signs that warn you of sudden changes of traffic organization
  • Avoid tailgating at all cost (keep your safe distance from other drivers)
Tips for driving in foggy weather

Driving in fog is no pleasure and can often get very risky. By following a these guidelines, you can minimize its risk:

Headlights on

Having headlights on in the fog is essential – the principle of „being seen“ applies more than ever. We recommend daytime lights in combination with fog lights. The high beams are not as effective because their rays are being scattered by tiny water droplets forming the fog, creating a light wall effect that limits visibility.


Even at lower speeds it is exceedingly important to keep your distance from other drivers. This will leave room to react in case of an unexpected obstacle appearing on the road. The two-second rule applies during clear weather conditions and a 4 second rue should apply in case of foggy weather.


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