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Via Pribina continues to support regional growth with dynamic traffic and strong safety performance on the R1 highway

  • Pivotal role in facilitating mobility with 15 million vehicles served in 2023
  • A successful year in terms of road safety with zero fatal accident
  • New investment for quality and environmental performance

Via Pribina, concessionnaire of the R1 highway, publishes today its annual key figures that continue to demonstrate the highway’s positive impact.

In 2023, the R1 highway continued to be a key route for mobility, supporting around 15 million vehicles. It facilitated daily commutes and tourist travel, notably in August, when traffic soared to over 25,000 vehicles per day. Additionally, heavy vehicles represented 17% of the year’s total traffic in 2023, emphasizing the highway’s role in cargo transport. These statistics highlight the R1 highway’s contribution to the robust economic growth in the Nitra region.

Via Pribina continued to welcome drivers with excellent operational performance, especially in terms of road safety, achieving a milestone of zero fatality due to car accident on the highway in 2023. This achievement aligns with the highway’s long-standing commitment to safety, resulting in a 80% decrease in car accidents on the old I/65 road since 2011. Via Pribina is regularly organizing awareness campaigns towards Slovakian drivers about responsibble driving with the Ministry of Transport. Via Pribina also invests in new technological innovations for safety like the recent introduction of a counterflow warning system to prevent wrong-way driving accidents.

The year 2023 was also marked the continuation of program management activity, ensuring the highway maintains high-level technical standards over time. Via Pribina renovated this year 14 kilometers of the highway’s road surface. Besides, Via Pribina integrated this year 94 photovoltaic panels and 3 modern heat pumps, strengthening again in 2023 its environmental performance, and achieving this year a 35% reduction of the highway’s direct emissions (scopes 1 and 2) since 2018.

Christian Biegert, CEO of Via Pribina and Executive director of VINCI Highways in Central Europe declared:  „The permanent progress and sustained efficiency of the R1 highway exemplify the strength of the public-private partnership model. Acting under the leadership of the Slovakian Ministry of Transport, we are very proud to keep our highway performing at best standards, thus supporting the economic and social growth of the Nitra region“.

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